About Us -The Clock Tower Centre

Bracebridge's historical Federal Post Office building, now renamed "The Clock Tower Centre" is officially listed as one of Ontario's notable clock towers.  It is located in the heart of the downtown at the corner of Bracebridge's busiest main intersection, Manitoba and Taylor Streets. 

Within the walls of the Clock Tower Centre you will find a treasure trove of artist studios, galleries, boutiques and spas creating an incredible shopping experience that will keep you coming back for more. 

The Clock Tower Centre offers visitors  three unique shopping areas as listed below:

1. The Clock Tower Building - 49 Manitoba Street 

Within the Clock Tower Building there are four levels of retail and office suites that are available consisting of 

Lower Level - 5 units consisting of retail and office suites 

Main Level -  8 units consisting of Artist Studio/Galleries, Boutiques, and a Salon 

2nd Level - 4 Units consisting of Boutique/Studio and office suites

3rd Level - 4 units consisting of Artist Studios/Gallery and Boutiques

and, the most notable tenant of the 3rd floor, the actual Clock Tower itself, has been keeping Bracebridge on time for over 100 years! 

2. The Armouries Section - Taylor Road & Burton Lane

An integral part of the Clock Tower Centre the Armoury has two levels of retail and office suites to offer that are accessible from the rear of the building. 

Upper Level (facing Taylor Road) - 1 retail and/or office suite 

Lower Level (facing Martin's Framing & Burton Lane) - "WITHIN" Wellness Spa

3. The Sibbett Building Annex - 41, 43, 45 Manitoba Street

The Annex Building is located beside the Clock Tower Building and consists of 2 retail stores and 5 residential apartments. 

Street Level - Muskoka Bear Wear, home of their flagship store 

Street Level - Muskoka Trophy

The Clock Tower Centre is one of Bracebridge's most iconic photographed buildings located in the heart of Muskoka. There are many events happening throughout the year so check back regularly to see what is new and happening at the Clock Tower!

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